Korle – Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) :

Mount Olives has been in Partnership with KBNF since 2011. KBNF focuses on providing medical support for brain injuries and diseases for the people of Ghana and West Africa. In collaboration with KBNF, mount olives had its first spinal surgery done in June 21, 2016 on a patient with disc herniation. This is the beginning of several neurosurgical procedures that will be taking place in Mount Olives Hospital.

Mount Olives Hospital Foundation (MOHF): Mount Olives Hospital partners with MOHF to make health care easily accessible for patients. These include supporting widows and the poor to attain health care at affordable rates. Some are treated free of charge depending on the circumstances. Pregnant women are also supported by the foundation with at least one ultrasound scan free of charge before delivery is due, among others.



The Partners in Pictures with MOH Staffs