Our Services

olivehospWe offer various services to meet the needs of our noble clients:


General Outpatient Services: The Hospital runs a 24hour outpatient services 7days a week. There are 3 general outpatient consulting rooms and 2 specialist consulting rooms. We have a very comfortably waiting area for all our cherished clients. Healthcare delivery at Mount Olives is structured to decrease patient waiting time.

Inpatient Service: The Hospital has 17 wards (2 paediatric wards, 2 female wards, 2 males wards, 2 surgical wards, 1 recovery ward, 1 isolation ward, 4 private or VIP wards, 1 maternity ward, 1 lying in ward, 1 labour ward). The Total Bed capacity is 100. These wards are managed by a team of professional and highly-motivated clinical staff – doctors, nurses, midwives.

SURGERY: There are 4 operating theatres – 2 for minor cases and 2 for major cases. A full range of general surgical cases are currently performed. Plans are underway to include other subspecialty procedures such as urology, neurosurgery and trauma orthopaedics.


We run antenatal care (ANC) every day, including weekends.

Emergencies are run 24/7

Specialist consultation takes place every Thursday whereas Elective surgical procedures are carried out every Friday

PAEDIATRICS: We have two baby friendly wards with modern equipment for administration of care. Paediatric specialist clinics are on Fridays and Saturdays.

INTERNAL MEDICINE: Physician specialist clinics are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Rehabilation: This unit focuses on persons who have suffered from a stroke or other disabling conditions.  Education and physiotherapy sessions are undertaken to enable them gain muscle control, recover lost skills, improve quality of life as well as to incorporate them back into society.

Public Health Unit: Research is the key focus of this unit. We do not seek to only treat patients but also to contribute to the advancement of medical science especially as it relates to us as a country. We are ready to partner with local and international organisations to undertake cutting edge research so as to improve the life of mankind.

Screening Services: We offer screening services for individuals and corporate bodies at our facility at affordable rates. We also render on-site screening services at corporate offices and various gatherings – Banks, Churches etc on request.

Family Planning: We help you plan your family the best way possible

Ambulance and emergency services


ENT Clinics

Dental Clinics


The pharmacy is well stocked with current medications on the market. Emphasis is placed on quality when medications are purchased.

This unit serves both inpatients and outpatients.

Systems are put in place to ensure patient waiting time is at the minimum.

This unit is headed by a pharmacist and supported by 6 dispensary technicians.



Laboratory Services – Mount Olives Laboratory department provides controlled conditions to perform test on clinical specimen in order to get information about patients’ health pertaining to diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention. The services rendered are haematology, biochemistry, parasitology and microbiology. Our mission is to provide accurate and reliable results needed by clinicians for treatment and management of diseases. We have a staff strength of Seven (7) comprising of 3 biomedical scientists, lab technicians and lab assistants. We run a 24hour service.

Imaging: The Hospital has two ultrasound machines with very skilled staff to operate them. Various ultrasound scans done include:

  • Abdominal scans
  • pelvic scans
  • Scrotal scans
  • Focussed Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST)
  • Extended FAST

Plans are underway to acquire an X-ray machine, a Computed Tomography (CT) Scan machine and an MRI machine. The department is intended to become a full flare radiology department with Echocardiography and other tools of diagnostic significance

Other Diagnostic Equipment

An ECG machine is available to aid prompt diagnosis. The hospital is yet to acquire an endoscopy machine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.